With the kind approval of the Castle Ward Working Mens Club

Kingsley Street,  Lincoln LN1 3JN

The Club

The Club meets every Monday night except Bank Holidays and Christmas/ New Year Break


Top quality acts from around the UK and Ireland


Stage with house lighting


Dance floor


Audience mainly listeners who can dance as well


Reasonable car parking


Doors open 7.15pm with most shows starting at 8.30pm


Occasional "Specials" when shows start at 8.00pm



     The club is a well established one that has been running for many years below shows  the recent history of the club 


       2011 was a great year for the club with their first attempt at a Weekend Festival. The support encouraged  Nick and Anita to persist with this event and the year culminated with the club being  awarded third place by Trucking Jack Watson of UK Country Music Radio. Trucking Jack travels around the clubs incognito judging the club by the way they greet him , his general treatment, would he take his wife to the club and the professional way the club is run. 


        2012 followed with another super year with regular sell out shows and the second weekend festival and finally ending the year with the traditional two Christmas Party Shows


        2013 was another successful year for the club and although support for the previous festivals was not as good as it could have been this year ‘s event created a bigger response with future years events being planned.


       2014 was a great year again for the club and as in every other year Nick and Anita have brought in new acts to the club to keep the programme fresh.


       2015 started really well with continued  fantastic suppport from the members and on 21st  September the club moved to it's new location at Castle Ward W.M.C. Kingsley Street , Lincoln

       2016 since moving to Castle Ward W.M.C, the club has continued to thrive and although, due to the move, there were no plans for a sixth festival Nick and Anita found a venue suitable,and that venue The Village, Welbourn.

       2017 the success of the club continues and with the festival at Welbourn also being sucessfull the 2018 festival is already booked again at the Village Hall


      2018 has been another great year for the club with continued support for the club nights and festival and membership still growing

     2019 has been another good year for the club although like every other club we have sadly lossed members ,and thoughts go out to all the relatives and friends of them. The club still flourishes with new members joining and still keeps the family relationship going. The annual Festival was well supported and the 2020 Festival is booked to go ahead

   If you, the reader, would like to come to the club it is always advisable to ring Anita and  Nick for availability of seating(see contact page for telephone numbers)