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Forthcoming Attractions


 4th Texas Gun

   It's a welcome return to the club for  Texas Gun.  George jnr has to have one of the best voices on the country scene add to that George snr's  stories and all complimented with some great musicianship and you are in for a super night

11th Best Of Friends

    Another super act making a welcome return to the club is Best of Friends Duo. Steve and Middy who both make up this duo are solo entertainers in their own right, put them together and you have something special

18th Dave Bryan 

    Dave Bryan  has been at the top of the country tree for many years  and should really have been recognised for his service. A unique voice, which is suited to country music, and  competent  guitar playing together with his vast catalogue of songs makes for an excellent night

25th Chris Raddings

    Chris is one of the clubs favourite  artists. He covers a good range of songs through all eras and this very likeable fella really makes time fly when he is on stage